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” You can steal me out of Africa...
You can't steal Africa out of me!”

 ― Eugene 'Sam' Arthur William Maybury

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"Pearl of Africa"

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Greetings, I am Mukasa Obadha 
Alias: Sam


Afrocentric World Peace & Love Advocate

I'm an international tennis coach with over 50 years of experience, teaching over 50,000 student players. I was taught by the legends Arthur Ashe and Cromwell Manders. I am a  grass roots coach having taught many disadvantaged children, adults and seniors alike.  I know the holistic path to constructing a healthy lifestyle in a  prepared environment to attract the supportive  clientele that will contribute the funds needed to build a tennis empire. I have trained Prime Minister Tony Blair and the governor of Bermuda John Vereker. Other celebrities I have trained include Glady's Night and the Pips, 'Shame' actress Amy Williams  and Reggae ambassadors Earl 'Chinna' Smith and the late Kojo. 

Be the Change!

Redesign Self Sustainability!!!


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